Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Old school VS New School

You've heard the term old school vs new school? It basically means that some products, services or even attitudes are old school or antiquated and really behind the times or irrelevant and new school means something new, fresh, change, energetic and world changing. When i think of old school i think of products where everyone basically uses it but doesn't think why except that everyone else uses it or does it! A great example is that everyone used candles and oil, while Edison developed electricity. Old school was the oil and candle because no one really questioned it. Then electricty became new school. Now electricity is becoming old school as renewable energy slowly starts to take over...and it will!
When i think of old school i think of golfers and the holes they make called divets. Now millions of golfers make millions of divets daily. Golfers carry sand. Now thats seriously old school. Someone will design a product that can fill those holes so golfers dont need to carry a bag of sand any more. Like a spray can of grass?
The masses eat bread as one of their staple diets or wheat products. Now this is old school. Diets will change and are changing but what of the masses and their eating habits. Something affordable and tasty into something new school, healthy etc. Old school is when the majority of people do something without really thinking why they do it, and new school becomes the alternative and then everyone changes.
It becomes a constant and endless circle of change, adaption, evolution and innovation.
Other old school things that need solutions include:
1. Marriage
2. Political systems
3. Fridges
4. TV
5. Insurance
and so on and so on!