Thursday, May 5, 2011

CT Busker next steps

My usual model is to get a young dynamic project manager and i have one for the CT buskers program. She will start the following:

1. Set up a venue for auditions
2. publicity for auditions
3. judges for auditions
4. busking spots and busking licences

My vision is to see awesome buskers at awesome dedicated spots 24 hours a day to make the city of CT a vibrant and awesome place to walk around.

Yesterday I met up with my buddy Bart who started a program called APOPO which uses rats to detect land mines and TB...awesome stuff. He is so stuck with buraucracy that he cant see his arse from his elbow anymore and instead of being a social artist and designing even more awesome stuff he is faced with becoming a mixture between a mine specialist and a TB specialist. I said to him. Dude take the rats and create art installations ( and i have seen this with my opwn 2 eyes) of the rats doing their business ie: finding mines and detecting TB/// you have to see this stuff to beleive is mindblowing. My point is the real work is to change the perception of rats in people's minds by showing how awesome they are, and then they will raise millions of dollars in funding rather than asking for funding from the WHO who doesnt really like them and is a skeptic. Imagine that rats come to CT. The media and the public will flock to see them in action and pay and then support them. Looks like Bart who is a social artist may just take this concept to the museums and cities of the world. I really hope he does. My point is that he is not having fun and they are moving so slowly that it is difficult to see progress. Art is about opeing up people's minds and the rest will flow. Bart is also that type of person...a starter...a spark and the sooner he realises this the better...or his spark will die. Who are you?