Thursday, May 26, 2011

CT Buskers on the move

I need to provide some feedback re CT buskers. I really am so dissapointed that CT with such a creative and vibrant spirit doesnt have a single busker on the street on any given day. Why is this? When you go to any major city and i have been to many there is amazing talent on show day and night on the streets. So I asked my friend Palesa to help me set up CT Buskers so that we can find that great talent and showcase it on the streets of cape Town. We spent the morning first with a map of cape Town identifying hundreds of spots where buskers could play. This was the easy part. We then went to the city offices in St Georges mall looking for the permits. Now i have been down this path before with the stick fighting company and Vuyisile did get a scrap of paper that serves as a permit. We went to the same offices and received the same scrap of paper and it seems that the City really makes it hard for buskers. So in order to get permits we may as well photostat 50 copies and just hand them out as this is all the city does anyway. However they can only busk for around 2 hours a day and in quite a limited space of the city. Not exactly that user friendly for a busker system. So I called the city and have still not receieved any clarification on how we go about getting busking permits for other parts of the city. Sounds normal for the city.
Palesa and i will use the current space available to us and identify 50 spots to start CT Buskers. We will sell each spot for R1,000 per month and we will provide 50% to the buskers every month. So if there are people who want to sponsor a spot and a talented busker give me a call. Right now we are preparing for auditions and then we will mark out the actual spots. We will launch the first buskers under the CT Buskers label at the end of the month. We have some great audition judges and the competition will be stiff to get in as we want great acts and great talent. I spoke to palesa and said that a great entrepreneurship lesson is when there is an obstacle is good as few overcome these obstacles. Those who do overcome will become succesful. CT Buskers wants busking to be an accesible art form and CT city should support us because they claim to be creative and open. Lets see. Anyhow i also though we need a "speakers corner" like the one in Hyde park London. Where people can come and speak and argue about anything they choose and to foster tolerance through dialogue even if you hate what other people are saying. This should really turn heads in a city that is regarded as fractured by race and class. I will provide more updates on all the initiatives that have ben started but let me finish by saying the Minister of Sport will be seeing The Stick Fighting Company next week and we have also been invited to France to showcase what we do....awesome!