Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A golden rule for entrepreneurs...dont preempt anything

One of my golden lessons in life is not to pre-empt too much as you really never know what will happen next. Its like nature i suppose where a flood may make the river different or a drought may change the river and its inhabitants forever. I am always amazed when there is a massive storm how the beach changes shape. You cant plan for these things and nature never does. So why are people so anal about planning out their whole business or project before its started. Let me give you an example because my project manager at the lavender project asked. I went to the nursery and saw the cuttings process going on. All the kids and many adults were totally engrossed in the process of what is a cutting, how do you take a cutting and how do you plant one. I watched the process over and over and realised that ( lightbulb moment) thats what the lavender project is all about. Its about the cuttings. People give cuttings for free, even farmers have. The process of giving is beautifull and inspiring. Others plant the cuttings and grow little things into big things. A truly delicate and beautifull process. I realised that the project should be called CUTTINGS. teach, inspire, and cut everything that can be cut to grow even more things and inspire more people etc etc. Can you see the growth process...its almost like facebook. So the project will be called CUTTINGS and each new community may have a new brand of product like geraniums or sour figs etc...whatever suits them. Who knows where all of this will lead to but i see the movement and i see the energy and thats all that counts for me.