Monday, May 2, 2011

CT Buskers

Its time for a new idea and i have to thank a number of people for this one. My students at RAA, New York City and London. While in New York City I saw or heard the most amazing buskers (or people who play on the streets for money) all across the underground or subway. And i mean amazing. There is a story that was told to me that the most famous violinist in the world once played on the subway and people just saw him as another busker albeit a great one. This is the type of excitement and surprise that can deal you one hellava blow on a daily basis on the subway. the same is true in London. Our city has buskers as well but they are of the "usual" kind. Oh by the way Justin Bieber was a busker before he made it big. So Cape Town has young groups of kids singing or dancing and a few marimba bands. But what type of talent is lying out there actually. Singers, dancers, musicians and acts. In New York and London buskers have to auditon and only the best get licences for 12 months and then they audition again. This allows only the best to get the licences and it allows talent spotters the best as well. For the acts it means they have achieved something and they become part of a group of acts that are deemed good enough to be on the streets and for public consumption. I will be launching CT Buskers in the following way. I will set up auditions and publicise through radio and facebook. At these auditions we will look for the best buskers in CT. I will pay for their licences so they can play on the streets. I will set up specific hotspots for them to play at marked with a CT Buskers sign and this will be a first come first service option. I will help this talent get recognised by promoting them and i will try for a reality TV program called CT will certainly have an internet presence. Hopefully CT Buskers can represent this talent after exposing them and the city will buy into the project as well as sponsors. The auditions will be soon so watch this space. My business idea for may is CT Buskers.