Monday, May 16, 2011

new ideas everywhere

sometimes the newspapers throw out so much good stuff. Its like in the air when the energy is right for new ideas. I cant explain it , but sometimes new ideas just flow and inspire.

Here are a few that jumped at me this weekend.

1. many people in shacks lose so much in the form of documents, photos etc that i figured why not design a small firebox just for docs that in the case of fire all docs would be saved and save people huge stress and expense at the same time. after this product you can have a clothes firebox as well.

2. The party of one! Since the elections are on us again and i hate elections and politics i saw that it only costs R500 to register a politicakl party and a few thousand to stand in national elections. My idea is to start a company ( not a party) and organise thousands of independents who would stand on their own. They can all have their own philosophies and ideas and must be as objective as possible. Once these people stand and get elected they will be monitored by the company. The public votes for the calibre of the person not the party and what they deliver in the form of a service which the party of one will monitor.

3. The spat between business , gov and unions about labour laws is so biased and out of control i sometimes think people have lost objectivity. My idea is to hold a reality TV program where one company has no labour law at all ( this will be a new company for experimental purposes) and another existing company can have every labour law in the over 6 months and see what happens? I would love to see the outcome and put some of the crap to rest whoever is deemed correct/