Monday, February 11, 2013

Bills and CV'are so old school

Everyone has made a cv once in their lives. But CV'are are so old school. They all look the same. Same format. Same font. Same boring information. I really pity the poor HR person who has to read the same old shit day in and day out. So a friend who just got retrenched told me he sent his cv to many different places without much response. Now he is a black dude with some excellent experience so you would expect some offers. No one was biting yet. S I asked to look at his cv.  Damn it was boring. I said to him. If I can change your cv and you get the job then I want 2 goats. You see he comes from the rural areas, and his family has loads of goats. The challenge was on. He is quite the manager and enjoys project management. So the cv started to change. I added in graphs and pie charts....actually any chart I could find. It looks a little like Trevor manuals budget speech. I digress but have you ever seen all the graphs and charts in the newspaper. D you read them. D you even understand them. I think someone should start a business teaching people how to read those damn things. Anyway the cv definitely doesn't look like a cv but it does look damn impressive. I believe that having helped him stand out and seem unique I could do this for everyone and get paid top dollar and even get a commission if they do get the job. And let me tell you it does work. My first ever job I wrote my cv in pencil. Dd I get the interview and he job? What do you think? 
Staying with the theme of old school why do the bills we receive in our postbox all look the same. I mean we can tell a bill a mile away and it is kinda depressing. A young entrepreneur from UJ in joburg looked at the idea of making bills fun and you know I love the idea. I mean we are gonna get the bills anyway so why not change the way they look, add a bit of humor, color, positive messaging or even a bit of the human element and emotion. I love ideas like this that can change a whole way of doing things. New cv's and new bills. If you want me revamp your cv send it to me. I'll do it for R500 . Don't laugh or ill have to tell you about the electronic sangoma....but that's for another day.