Friday, February 8, 2013

Did you know that you can use the inside of the banana skin to make your teeth white?

Did you know that you can use the inside of a banana skin to make your teeth white? Well I didnt until yesterday while doing an innovation workshop for some students at UWC. I have asked around and many many people have heard of this urban myth. What i love about urban myths is the general creativity and innovation that arises and the possibilities of new business opportunities. As young South Africans i am so tired of every young person who wants to start an events company rather than looking for the outright outrageous especially when you are at university and you are only 20 years old!
But I still get the events company ideas and I still reject all of them. Then all of a sudden some youngster sees a picture of the president of Swaziland walking the red carpet. Hey he shouts, why dont we start the RED CARPET COMPANY. Yes yes i shout. All events, parties, weddings, 21sts, corporate events etc etc all need a red carpet experience. Simple, cheap, innovative and altogether awesome.
Like all things technique is important. And teaching innovation is not that difficult. Sport is also about technique and although some have natural gifts most things are taught. This is where a sports fanatic came up with the idea of THE LEFT HANDED ACADEMY. Wow my skin started to tingle. Why take drugs when you can develop your left hand or foot. It has been a very recent phenomenon that flyhalves in rugby have developed and trained their left foot for kicking. Imagine a cricketer who can bowl and bat both left and right. A definitive advantage over one side players. Same for a tennis player who can serve equally well with both hands. In soccer it amazes me how one sided some players are. Those who have well developed left and right kicks (like messi) are the best and will achieve far more. The same is true for martial arts and boxing. This academy will train young kids to have the advantage over those who are one sided and charge for the experience.
Once again it has been a great week for innovation and i am once again inspired.