Thursday, February 28, 2013

From coronal mass ejections to being black and a new yearly memory board game.

Many people follow the weather religiously. Especially in Cape Town where everyone is an expert. But one day the weather-man will be giving us a very different version as we may all be living in outer space. He may be saying instead of “wind and rain, watch out for solar wind, radiation storms, flares and coronal mass ejections”, ( taken from an article in the Cape Argus). I am sure many people would be very interested in space weather now as a quirky way to follow trends in the world.
I had to laugh when a young entrepreneur asked me if I could make a business idea by making white people black? I said of course you can. Not to delve back into the past but many black people tried and probably continue to try to be white. (  A bot controversial I know). But suits and ties? Skin lightners? English accents like the queen? Playing golf and darts for fun? So I said to him what about getting white people to do black things. Like skin darkeners ( I mean white people are already obsessed with tanning and browning the skin), wearing sandals instead of shoes and open necked shirts because it makes sense in the heat, the lingo and slangs that hip black dudes use ( yes this could be a bit pretentious), and getting more white people to follow stickfighting. Who knows he may start a trend where white people even purchase wigs, get black faces and nom de plumes ( that is a secret name). Mine is Gloria Lubisi (my black alter ego) and she always gets published and taken seriously. Serias! (That’s serious!).
Its also amazing how as a public we forget so easily and so quickly. So much happens so fast and is reported on so much daily. I think we need a new board game in South Africa and the world. A yearly board game. 2013 SA! Will be the first one with questions only about the year, and packaged so you can remember like a yearbook what happened that year. 2013 UK, 2013 USA etc etc. Very exciting!