Monday, February 18, 2013

The electronic Sangoma and the real solution to the financial woes of the cape town stadium

I mentioned in my last blog about the electronic sangoma. Oh how i love this concept. Human beings will forever want to foretell their future and sangomas play an important role in helping people in South Africa do that. The Sangoma will throw the bones (literally) although there are also dice and shells and other things. Then he will tell your future and your fortune, or how many children you will have. After looking at the concept an entrepreneur wondered wether one could transfer the sangoma  bone throwing onto a digital landscape. Even astrologers use the internet today which allows for speed and accuracy. So why not an electronic sangoma? Like a gambling site the bones will be thrown in a randomised fashion. To write this kind of electronic program is really difficult and needs the best technical minds. The sangoma's will provide the information based on the analyses of the bones and people will be able to access this service on the internet and on their mobile phones.
On another note i have been wanting to present my solution to the city of cape town for the cape town stadium, built for the world cup, but aimed as a rugby stadium. Really silly. Rugby may move one day but I feel the city has missed the solution and the opportunity completely. Why not set up a financial cooperative. You may buy as many shares as you like but you only have one vote. The people of cape town can make an offer for a share of the stadium and reap any dividends if profits are made. 1 million capetonians purchasing 2 shares will amount to R200 million ( or 25% of the stadium). Every year another batch of shares can be offered. If capetonians "own" the stadium they will fill it and make it a profitable entity. What's the city git to lose!