Monday, February 25, 2013

Can I make a business out of the Oscar Pistorius debacle

When I turn on the radio and all I hear is the Oscar Pistorius story I wonder as an entrepreneur if there are any real positives here or any crazy business schemes. Well I have found two possible businesses here. The first is that everyone has a theory of what happened. Since there are many facts on the tables, and all the detail has been intimately shown in the media I wondered wether a web page  or technology platform where people could be a detective and try and find the solution to the crime. I wondered then since we have such a high crime rate in SA how such a platform could help solve any crime and how ordinary citizens could use their intelligence to solve these crimes. There is the possibility of creating a game and incentives as well. I would call it Sherlock Holmes SA!
Then I saw an amazing picture of the shadow of Oscar. All the photographers were taking pictures of him but one photographer captured his shadow. And it dawned on me that we al, have a shadow. When I was a kid I named my shadow. So why don’t we create a business where people can name their shadows. It is the shadow after all in all of us which is the darker side of our personalities so why not get to know it better. My shadow was called Rourke by the way! What is your shadow's name?
These two business opportunities may seem a little odd BUT I do see opportunities in everything and I cant stand listening to all the drivel anymore without thinking that this whole scenario must mean more and only creative and entrepreneurs can do something about it NOT police and politicians!