Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back at what can be achieved at in 30 days

Can someone set up a new and innovative business in 30 days. The answer is a definte yes and here are some of the summarised ingredients. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the higheest...
1. Have a new and innovative idea that others will buy into. This is a definite golden rule for me, and the Stick fighting does subscribe to this philosophy. (9)
2. Convince a few passionate people to become partners ( and they can own most of it) to implement the idea on the street level. (10)
3. Implement and test the concept on the street and see if the public love it. In the case of stick fighting the public love it and this can be seen by the very high numbers of spectators at tournaments, corporate interest, tourist interest.(10)
4. See if the media are interested. This was a resounding success as we received plenty of media interest ( 8)
5. Can we sell to investors. There is definite interest from investors (6)
6. Are there good revenue streams. yes ( 8)
7. Will this business run without me. yes ( 9)
8. We have a company structure in place as a TRUS

So there is much to do, but there is a great team in place and there is real traction for this business. I have no doubt that the stick fighting company/ Trust will grow into a great business. The new business for the next 30 days will be started tomorrow. IT WILL BE A STREET TRIPE FRANCHISE CALLED " I LOVE TRIPE". I will explain more tomorrow.