Wednesday, December 1, 2010

partnering with the media

I have been receiving amazing feedback from the tournament and the video's and pictures that were taken. I think an innovative business concept will always win over customers as people inherently want new things all the time. Also it encourages people to join in like media people, photographers, videographers and implementors/ managers. At the moment the concept of the stick fighting company is capturing peoples interest. Now I need to capture the media's interest and I will be sending to every media contact I have. The goal is to create enough media attention which will in turn create interest from sponsors and investors and clients. There is a rule in raising investor funds that I have learnt long ago and that is people give to those they have heard of. I remember reading a case study about 2 organisations. One had done extensive PR and the other had done none. The one who was well known received all the funding. I am a great beleiver in PR and this will be the next phase of the stick fighting company over the next week or so. The goal is to raise the capital and sponsors needed to grow this business. So watch the media as you will see the stick fighting company on every page!