Thursday, December 2, 2010

what can be achieved in 1 week?

What can be achieved in 1 week when starting a business? Well alot i think. I started this blog to encourage people to just go out and do things. I wish to hear from people who are doing new and innovative stuff. So if you are out there please tell me what you are up to? The next stick fighting tournament is this week at Nyanga Junction and promises the same thrills and spills as all the other tournaments. I have done a full presentation now for potential investors based on the film footage and the photos, and will start sending these to investors on Monday. My company registartion goes in tomorrow. So all you budding new entrepreneurs come on and get out there and start something new. You never know if you become the next big thing! I am also formalising the stick fighting product at the moment. The rule book is being written. We have judges training booklets that is being written as well, and tournament rules. I am looking at packaging the rule book with sticks that are from alien vegetation. I need to get about 1000 sticks packed for the Christmas season. I will produce some T-shirts as well. I think I also need a few exhibition type events during Chistmas on the streets to promote the company. ( I will use head gear and padding for these, so ordinary guys can participate and pay for the experience). Alot to do, speak to you tomorrow!