Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking ownership

Today was a really good day. I met up with some of the winners of the stick fighting tournaments on Muizenberg beachfront. With a stick in my hand we discussed the way forward. The first thing was the issue of ownership. I spoke candidly to them that if they took complete ownership of the Stick Fighting Comapny it would take off like a rocket ship. They all agreed. What a great first step. This was not just about greed and money but about neing apart of something new, innovative and big, and something they truly beleived could work. From being unemployed to being apart of a real company. We then discussed the holidays. They all agreed that we would set up some exhibition style events at places like Camps Bay and The Waterfront. We would PR the company together and try and get some people to pay for the experience. Vuyisile will make sticks that we could try and sell. After the holiday period the fighters will start setting up clubs in their areas and get young boys to fight.
Afterwards I met with SABEF ( South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum( Vuyisa) and we discussed entrepreneurship. He mentioned that would could hold a large tournament at a stadium. Exciting. A type of Romanesque Colloseum type of bout, which is more like entertainment that we could film with all the top fighters. The last tournament happens this weekend and I cannot wait. This time we will start with some young boys and I might even let Noah my boy fight with them. Then we will get on with the real stuff. In last weekends bouts one guy got wacked hard and there was plenty of blood. We better make sure the medics are in full force. We now have 15 more days for this business to make a mark and continue. Not a bad job for 16 days of work. I also realise that after speaking to Vuyisa that I really want to just help youngsters become what they really want to become. To achieve their dreams but also to get people excited and to take ownership of their own lives. In the following 11 businesses each one will be owned by a different group. Now think about that. 12 new businesses with an average of 12 new owners ( or more ) 144 people with a whole new life.