Monday, December 6, 2010

what business are you in?

I did a fantastic interview with Michelle Constand ( spelling ? ) on Saturday in between watching Noah my son fighting in a karate tournament. The joys of starting a business is that it is a 24 hour activity that never sleeps and requires every inch of your soul. I dont think people actually realise this. I think this is one of the make or break lessons when starting a gotta give it your all. Its the same as the little karate dudes. The one's who practice the most will be the most successfull. The one's who play in the gartden with brothers and friends every day will be brilliant. And why should business be any different. 90% sweat and 10 % luck. This is why this blog is so nice as it disciplines me to write daily about starting a small business and i would encourage all those who start a small business to have their own blog. Later in the day I went to my sister who is trying all types of things in her business. Being a ceramist and artist we started to discuss the essential question about any business. "What business are you in". The most commonly used example is that Mcdonalds doesnt sell burgers but invests in property, or that coke doesnt sell drinks but refrigaration. I am in the business of ideas and I have many angles to follow. I lecture on innovation to young students ( which will lead to a book i am currently writing called " seeing the leaves" ). My company innovation shack CC develops new business ideas, implements and then sells them off in a variety of ways. And there are thousands of these potentially. I have a blog on new business ideas which you are reading...and on and on. I love new ideas because they turn me on. And your business? What business are you in? How many angles can you see in your business? In the case of my sister she is in the business of clay and everything that goes with clay, which is endless, innovative and inspiring! In the case of the stick fighting company this is a business about "being a black man", and being a black man in South Africa is an endless new endeavour of new products, markets and innovations. To fight, to watch a fight, to offer advice, to train young men, to market a proud and brave culture, to break into the boardroom and shake those men up a little and so on. The tournament in Nyanga was a great success as always. 2 more tournaments this year and then we hit the open streets. One in langa and one in site 5 Masi.