Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Street theater

Vuyisile has taken to the streets with his permit ( although I can honestly say that the permit is a load of crap, written on a scrappy paper, and very vague about its terms and conditions). I was watching the young boys "busking" in the Gardens and some security guards came over and asked them to leave. When I intervened Vuyisile had to go to "the boss" who claimed we couldnt busk in the Gardens. There was nothing said about this on the permit. I suddenly had a brainwave based on the New York subway experience. In New York if you want to busk in the subway they have auditions for a limited number of people ( say 100) to get permits for 2011. This leads to competition and excitement. When I walk in the city centre there is so little vibrancy and energy in the form of original street entertainment. When in NYC in the parks and subways there is some amazing talent on show...and who knows someone may get the exposure they need and get discovered. Cape Town always wants to be seen as a center for creativity and innovation and wouldnt a busker audition be something really big for the people in the city. Designated areas with high volumes (like the gardens) would give people income earning potential and train some of the buskers to market themselves and develop their talents. I love it! Now to convince the powers that be on the idea!
Meanwhile Vuyisile continues on the streets, learns more about his product and continues to earn some cash as a "busker".